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  • "The Art of Change"

    Are you at your wit’s end with a child or teenager who is out of control and throwing your family life into chaos? Has your child or teen been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, ASD, depression or another emotional or behavioral problem? Are you struggling with the decision of whether or not to give your child psychiatric medication? Is your marriage or relationship suffering? Have you been thinking about divorce? Are you suffering from anxiety or depression? Are your unresolved issues with your family of origin getting in the way of your growing, thriving, and moving on?

    Therapy can help with all of these. Therapy is the art of change. Change is not always easy. It means facing our fears and anxieties or painful family issues that make us unhappy. At times family or relationship problems get to a crisis before people seek professional guidance. It’s of course better to act sooner than later and nip problems in the bud. But whether a problem is just beginning or you have been struggling with challenges for a long time, seeing a therapist can help. Even a few sessions can create big changes in your life.

    I encourage you to read some of my blogs to see if my views about children, teens, family, relationships, trauma and emotional growth resonate with your own. If so, I am here for you and happy to help. I have an integrative approach to therapy and look at the individual in her or his whole life context. I take into account social, developmental, family of origin, work, and environmental factors.

    About Marilyn Wedge

    Marilyn Wedge, Ph.D. LMFT, is an award winning family therapist and author of three books in the field of family therapy. Her most recent book is the groundbreaking A Disease called Childhood: Why ADHD Became an American Epidemic. She works with children, adolescents, and adults who struggle with anxiety, depression, behavioral problems, and relationship issues. Her practice combines family systems therapy, cognitive behavioral techniques, and solution focused therapy to help her clients have healthier relationships and happier lives. Dr. Marilyn has a doctorate degree from the University of Chicago and was a post graduate fellow at the Hastings Center for Bioethics.