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    Family Counseling

    Common reasons for seeking family therapy include:

    • Divorce
    • Parent-child conflict
    • Children’s behavioral or emotional problems
    • ADHD, ODD and ASD
    • Adolescent anger or explosiveness
    • Domestic violence
    • The unexpected or traumatic loss of a family member

    Family therapy addresses unhealthy patterns of communication in a family. An acting-out child, teen or young adult can be the symptom of this unhealthy family dynamic. The young person is seen as the “identified patient” who brings the family to therapy so that the family can become healthier and happier.

    Some positive family therapy outcomes are:

    • Resolves the problems of the child or adolescent
    • Promotes better communication and healthier relationships among family members
    • Promotes problem-solving through an understanding of family patterns and dynamics
    • Builds empathy and understanding.
    • Reduces family conflict

    Studies show that family therapy is particularly important for families with members who struggle with substance abuse, eating disorders and other behavioral issues.

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